Choosing the Best Crepe Maker Guide

Features to Consider
Gas vs. Electric
The decision is yours. You can expect both gas run and electric variations so you have every one of the options you need. Each has its benefits, so that it boils down to a matter of personal inclination and the needs of your kitchen. Electric crepe makers may be more energy efficient over time, plus they can merely be unplugged for portability. Gas systems, on the other side, require a natural gas brand or liquid propane source, so they might not be as lightweight. At the same time, gas equipment will warm up faster, which can increase the output and profitability of your kitchen.
Solo vs. Dual
Depending on the level of crepes that you plan to produce and exactly how much space you have, it’s important to keep in mind whether a single or dual version will continue to work best for the application. In the event you plan to produce a high volume of crepes and also have enough continuous counter-top space, a two times version may be precisely what you need. If you’re only seeking to test out crepes on your menu or help a restricted selection, an individual unit will do the job. Plus, an individual unit saves counter-top space in a crowded kitchen. Visit:

A lot of the crepe machines that we offer have a 15 3/4″ or 16″ griddle dish, a standard size for some commercial units. If you are looking for something smaller to start out, the Krampouz CEBPB2 electric crepe machine includes a 13″ griddle dish.

For a commercial business, you will need materials that endure the amount of use you will need from your crepe machine. A lot of the commercial crepe machines that we offer feature a stainless steel exterior and shape that make the machines easy to completely clean and durable enough for commercial use. Some, though, have lighter clear plastic frames and exteriors that are more well suited for light work use. Most crepe makers have a solid iron griddle dish that will stand up to the test of time; however, non-stick coated griddle plates can be found with light duty models.

Cooking Surface

Just about any commercial crepe maker has a very important factor in common-a cast iron griddle or cooking surface. Why cast flat iron? Instead of steel or metal alloys, cast flat iron heats equally and consistently, making it a perfect choice for cooking specialty crepes! Plus, after seasoning, it could be practically non-stick and can last a very long time with care. To understand how to season your new crepe machine’s griddle dish and maintain the top for a long time to come, check out our brief video below.

Though most commercial crepe makers include cast iron griddle plates, some crepe makers have non-stick griddle plates. These decrease the need for seasoning but nonetheless enable you to easily turn and remove crepes. Non-stick is ideal for light work applications where you don’t want to put in enough time and effort to season your crepe maker’s griddle plate. For high-volume commercial applications, however, a ensemble iron griddle plate will better endure mistreatment and can previous much longer, saving you time and price in the long run.

When investing in a crepe maker, it is important to consider what crepe maker accessories you may need to be able to perform the results you want. If you’re looking to create real crepes, you may desire a batter spreader to effectively spread the batter on the griddle dish to help make the thinnest possible crepes. Also, a special spatula often comes with a crepe machine. The spatula slides under the border of the crepe to help you easier transform, fold, and provide the crepe. Many crepe makers come with these accessories, but others may necessitate them to be purchased separately.

Crepe Pans
If you have a restricted budget and wish to test crepes on your menu before investing in a crepe manufacturer, or if you wish to generate smaller dessert crepes, we give you a selection of crepe pans ranging in proportions from 8 5/8″ to 11 3/4″. These pans are smaller than commercial crepe makers and, the added benefit, they could be used on a normal range without the special equipment. Obtainable in both solid iron and material, you’re sure to find the perfect crepe skillet to check your kitchenware lineup. For extra considerations when buying pans, make certain to learn over our Kitchenware guide.
Crepe Mix

If you’d like that traditional crepe taste and texture but don’t have the time to perfect your own menu, our Carnival King large crepe mix can help you save hard work. Whether you are making crepes for your café or adding a type of these lovely French pancakes to your bakery selection, this time-saving mixture is easy to use and makes your preparation and service better.

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